The 1800$ Galaxy Fold does it worth it?

Samsung introduced the galaxy fold along side with the galaxy s10 line,

The name represent what can this phone do : the Fold has two screens 4,7 inch front screen and when you fold it you will get 7.3 inch screen that can be used as tablet . The fold also comes with 12gb of ram and 512 gb of onboard storage and uses super Amoled Foldable desplay with a Resolution of 1536×2152 . Snapdragon 855 chipset . Its also has a powerfull multitasking up to 3 apps.

It also has 3 cameras in the back

12mp wide angle lense

12mp telephoto lense

16mp ultrawide lense.

And 2 cameras in the front

10mp selfie camera

8mp depth sensor

Battery capicity 4380 mAh.

The price of the Fold will make you think twice before you decide to buy it ,

2000€ , 1800$ is a big ammount of money for a concept phone . And its not for evey one .

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