Turn your old pc to an emulation machine with Batocera . how to flash Batocera Linux to a flash drive .

Batocera.linux is an open-source and completely free retro-gaming distribution that can be copied to a USB stick or an SD card with the aim of turning any computer/nano computer into a gaming console during a game or permanently. Batocera.linux does not require any modification on your computer

Batocera.linux is an Open Source OS , its powerful and highly customizable and easy to use just plug and play .

how to install Batocera.linux on a flash drive or on sd card ?

first you need to download Batocera.linux OS from here .

you also need to download BalenaEtcher and install it .

insert SD card or flash drive in your pc .

run BalenaEtcher and choose flash from file .

locate the Batocera.linux OS that you download it before and choose it .

choose the flash drive where do you want to install it by pressing select target .

then press on flash .

wait until it finishes .

and you got your self portable emulation station .

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